Everyone loves Target. But it’s hard to put your finger on just one reason why. The magic of Target isn’t just what you can buy on the shelf. It's in how shopping at Target makes you feel. And that magic has a name– Targét. A term of endearment that came straight from pop culture. What better way to embrace the spirit than to allow shoppers to say it for us? So we created a campaign that did just that. We never said “it” ourselves, but used clever wordplay and visual storytelling, even reimagining our most iconic asset–the logo, to spread that feeling and get more people to say it on our behalf.

The clever wordplay and rhyming cadence took over the United States with an unprecedented out-of-home campaign in New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Miami, and Chicago, along with digital content, and TV spots that debuted during the 2018 Emmy Awards.

An iconic brand needed an equally iconic soundtrack– "Like Sugar" from the legendary Chaka Khan and “Medicina” from the up and coming (legendary) Anitta.