For Latin Billboard Music awards Target went beyond just being another advertiser, and leveraged the platform to celebrate the diversity in Hispanic women. “Lúcete a tu manera” which translates to “Show off, your way!” was created to empower all women, and encourage them to express their individuality through beauty and music. “Soy Yo” translates to “This is Me,” a perfect anthem for the campaign. The diverse cast of beauties– from influencers, transgender, and celebrities, inspired uninhibited self-expression. The performance driven spots premiered during the award show was were accompanied by an interactive cultural moment inviting the world to 'Show Off their way' by lip syncing to “Soy Yo” via Dubsmash. The most buzzed Dubs were grabbed and a completely user-generated commercial was created during the night. The first of its kind! In another firsts, "Lúcete" was so inspiring that Target decided to air it across general media. Not only that, it was the first Target spot to ever proudly and predominantly feature a transgender star.